Thursday, April 12, 2012

Even That Man vs. Wild Dude Wouldn't Take This Task On...

I am not really afraid of anything.  Except for frogs and rejection.  Don't ask me why but I've had a strange fear of frogs since I was little, I think it's the unpredictable jumping at you thing.  And rejection, well that's why I suck at selling anything except myself.  I was the worst commercial print salesperson ever, but I was a decent realtor.
Anyway... I mean, after raising 3 kids on my own, I usually accept any challenge without reservation.  Maybe a little anxiety but really no fear.  But I have one challenge coming up that I'm a little concerned about.  Oh Christ, more than a little, a lot.   I pride myself on being a one man band, chief cook and bottle washer, mostly because I'm a broke single Mom with a deadbeat ex-husband and can't afford any other solution.  But for this... *gasp* I am considering a third party alternative.
The problem... I live in upstate NY, and my son is going to college in New York City next year, NYU to be exact.  Now, I have absolutely no fear of the city, but this... this is different.  I am going to have to drive into Manhattan with a carload of crap and probably a rooftop carrier since my 2 daughters want to go to see big brother off as well.  NYU has you make reservations for check-in time.  You have like a 15 minute block to drive up in front of the building and schlep your junk to the 22nd floor or whatever.  
I've driven in Manhattan several times but it's so much easier to just park somewhere on the outskirts (NJ) and train it in.   That saves on expensive parking garages and it's just faster.  I can navigate the subway like a purse snatcher on the run!  But this... oy, I mean I can't stop anywhere, I can't leave the car unattended with all the stuff in it.  And I won't be able to see well to squeeze in a left turn or something.  I'm getting hives...
I'm seriously considering, dare I say it.... taking the basics that will fit in the car and shipping the rest.  *clutch the pearls*  I know, I know.  But I'm just getting tightness in my chest thinking about driving a loaded up vehicle like the Griswold's station wagon with the crap tied to the roof into Manhattan.  Then after I unload, where the hell do I park?  Sure, probably some $35/hour garage nearby.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I need a drink.  
Maybe it's not fear, maybe it's just being smart and realizing the reallity of things.  I guess if I were afraid, I wouldn't let my son go to NYC in the first place.  God bless him for having no fear either.  But he has his Mother's sense of adventure.  Maybe it's just my common sense saying, "You've done this before, you know how the traffic is, make it easier on yourself."  So maybe instead of being hard on myself for being anxious about it, I should give myself credit for trying to prevent a disaster.  
I used to think the only good, honest, honorable way of accomplishing something was to tackle it head-on the hard way, wrestle it to the ground with my bare fists.  But I guess I'm discovering sometimes the smartest and most sensible way to tackle something is to get help and create the least amount of stress for all involved.


  1. Nothing in this world would make me go into New York traffic if I could avoid it...A couple of years ago I flew into Philadelphia and drove through New jersey.To Cape May ( beautiful place ..people not so much) .and to make a long story short..well I kissed the ground when I got off the plane back here in Texas...

  2. I Lived in Morristown, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA. worked NY and other eastern Seaboard states. I realize the anxiety of driving the Griswald car loaded down. But i also know you prett well by now. I know you can do it, and just have to buck up the hard earned cash to drive to college unpack, and drive to nearest garage and pay whatever. Sometimes in life you just pay whatever and don't ask you just do it. My friend wanted popcorn, so we were going to leave concert, go to nearbye gas station one microwave bag $1, but instead Stoned dudes said gotta go to POPcorn shop, OK i said, Kim bought 2 bags of popcorn as I was talking to someone. I went to Pay - $20 for 2 small bags of popcorn LOL, i paid and Kim and I went back to concert like it never happened. NYU is hard to get accepted and get in. How cool.

  3. I'm from Texas so I can not even began to fathom what you are up against. But... if this is the hardest thing that you have to deal with this year... It's bound to be a pretty damn good year. G

  4. Frogs never jump at you, except may

    I can relate to the parts about feeling everything is about to collapse. You are loved by your kids , but life is tough money wise these days thanks gas prices making everything way too high priced. 1000.00 bucks used to buy a lot more . Not all things have gone way up, just food and shelter, which keeps rising. .Hope the best for you , you are amazing to say the least.