Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Glass is Half Full... of Paranoia.

I read something the other day that I really like.  It said...

One may think, "The glass is half full"

One may think, "The glass is half empty"

Then also one may think, "The glass is at 50% of it's capacity"

I tend to be in the school of thought of the last choice.  No longer pessimistic, not blindly optimistic, but realistic.  I'm hopeful, but also factual.  Thankful for no longer being pessimistic.

I'd like to think I'm even-keeled, grounded.  Yea, I get a little opinionated and animated, but I'm usually crusading for common sense when I do it.  So, shut it!

Unlike... some people.

Yes, I'm thankful for my rational thought.  I've seen so many people over the past several years that live in pessimism, paranoia, fear and anger.  (My ex-in-laws, anyone?)  I feel really sorry for those people.  Everyone is out to get them, everything is a conspiracy, everyone wants to fool us.  Yet, strangely a lot of times they believe strongly and blindly in God.  They have this euphoric love and trust, almost lust for Jesus Christ.  Hmmm, what's wrong with this picture?

I'm not going to bash Christians.  After all, I am technically a Christian being a practicing Catholic.  Yes, I know some of you scoff at that, but yes, we Catholics do have that whole Christ thing going on in our church.  I just don't consider myself "born again" or "saved" or whatever the catch phrase of the day is.  I have deep faith.  That's between me and God...and Jesus and Mary and St. Jude, and St. Bridget and whoever else I pray to for guidance. 

What bothers me is that perpetual paranoia.  For example, I just read a post on a friend's Facebook page, that railed on vaccinations.  It wasn't my friend that said it, it was his friend commeting on his post.  This woman  launched into how evil vaccines are and it's all a conspiracy by whoever is paying the scientists to tell us to buy the vaccines to control us and take over the world or something.

*heavy sigh*

Really?  How sad. 

I also got the jist (I could be wrong) that she also believes the media is one big vast liberal conspiracy.  She probably home schools her kids, because, ya' know, schools are one big brain washing factory for liberals, sex peddlers and gays.  Ok, the part about her home schooling was pure speculation and mean of me to assume but come on, I'm trying to paint a picture.  Or maybe I just watched to many episodes of The Duggers, hey that's why they home school their kids!

*heavy sigh*

That must be so limiting not to trust anyone.  Like I said before, how sad.  Also... how tiring.  To waste all that energy on fear and anxiety and paranoia and hate.  My stomach is in nots just thinking about it.  I certainly don't mean to be a Pollyanna, I know there are bad people out there.  But to make such broad generalizations about things in such a hysterical manner is... well first it's laughable and then it's... again, sad.

I just have to say I'm really glad that I believe the glass is at 50% of capacity and not that everytime I turn my head the glass is being filled with poison additives by the government to control my mind and make me succumb to the gay agenda...  what?  That doesn't even make sense to me, but sadly it makes perfect sense to somebody else out there.  :(