Friday, July 1, 2011

Why Don't We Just Bring Back the Lions and the Christians?

All right, I need to interrupt my uber interesting "Adventures in Dating" series to rant about something...

What the hell is wrong with you people today?

This ain't ancient Rome, I thought we were supposed to be civilized?  Is blood lust that deep in our genes?

I mean you, you YouTube type people.  Everywhere I go, people are recording stuff on their phonea when they should be jumping in and helping!  What in God's name is wrong with you?  Is ya' ignant?  Has all the world become a spectator sport?  Has the world become a giant electronic device, it's not real anymore, it's a video game or reality series?  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I'm appalled!

What buzzed up my skirt, you may ask?  I was driving down my street the other day and I saw these kids in front of a house.  I drive up slowly to make sure I think what I think is going on is actually going on.  And yes indeed, it's two approximately 10 year old girls beating the hell out of each other, while one slightly older boy stood and watched as if he were watching the coin toss for a football game, and a slightly older girl recording the fight with her phone.  I pulled over the car and started screaming out the window, "Hey, stop it, stop it, stop it!",  followed by some random things like "What is wrong with you?  You don't do that!  You're not animals!  Where is an adult?".  After the fact I felt like Glady Kravitz on Bewitched, but I didn't care, it was the right thing to do.

The girls stopped and looked at me amazed as if I was wrong.  Then after a second, ran in the house.  I didn't want to get involved much further, because I'd probably have some Hood Mom kick my ass for not minding my own business.  I'm serious, the families on that part of the street are very, well let's call them street.  It's not stereotypical, it's just a fact.  I hear them, I see them, always out, yelling at each other about bustin' caps and beatin' asses.  So, I know enough to not tempt fate.

I was bothered for hours after.  I was appalled by the barbaric behavior of the girls, but horrified by the bystanders.  Has the next generation become that numb?  I lectured my kids forever after that.  I told them if they ever just stood by when something like that was going on, I'd beat them.  No, just kidding.  I said they needed to stand up against violence, but also be very careful to know when to just call or run for help instead as to avoid death.  You never know when someone is gonna' pull a .9 out... or a knife.  Like the kid that just got killed at a fraternity party here at the U. of Rochester, usual drunken college brawl, but a kid pulls a knife.  Boom.  Dead.

Another example, locally a mentally disturbed teenage boy starts stabbing his girlfriend in a Wegmans grocery store.  A couple people stood by and watched,  but two courageous teenage boys jump in and tried to pull the kid off her.  They saved her life.  They wound up with some cuts.  My son said he didn't care, he'd rather die doing the right thing like that.  Wow.  Would you?  Check yourself, are you the type to, A.) videotape, B.) run away, C.) watch, D.) jump in to stop it or call for help? 

This nonsense has got to stop.  Violence and bullying behavior is not a spectator sport.  I know I'm becomming a self-righteous, crotchety, old hen, but you all should be ashamed of yourselves.  "WWGWD", "What Would Grandma Walton Do?".  (Hey, I model my life after 70s TV shows, is that so wrong?)  Or at least do what Spike Lee said, "Do the Right Thing", which doesn't include throwing garbage cans through Sal's Pizzeria, but you know what I mean.

Don't make me come over there...  stop this nonsense right now.


  1. And this is why you should have to apply for a license to have children. Fucktards breeding fucktards. It's only going to get worse.

    Loved this post.

  2. ugh I worries me...ALOT..this generation has lost it's grace and humanity..I only know how to bring up my kids and hopefully they will in turn with theirs so far they are..I know neither one of my kids would stand by while something like that happened.

  3. First, I'll say I love the post. Isn't this a disgrace to humanity? E.T. is looking down from above, saying, "Yes, look at what this species has accomplished!" and his co-pilot is retorting, "Um; yeah, but look where it's heading--check this out..."

    This is 3rd generation (and in some cases 4th) lack of training-coupled-with-access-to-television. Picture early 70's; latch-key kids, overworked parents, failed educations.

    They grew up, they bred. Late 80's brought in Jerry Springer-ish type stuff, no oversight, welfare existence and expectations. Naturally it got worse.

    The early ought's added in You-tube, "No-Child-Left-Behind-means-no-child-is-taught-but-to-a-test-and-lawsuits-prevent-us-from-discipline" on top of everything else above.

    There's a lot of cross-mixing in the recipe, but this is what it's lead to. Frankly, let the 10 year olds duke it out and hope at least one of them dies.

    It's one less person to breed the next generation--and God only knows (and probably fears) what that will amount to.

  4. I buy into the whole It Takes a Village belief. If you are an adult and you see kids misbehaving or causing harm in public it is your responsibility to yell at them. Ha. Just kidding. Sort of.

    But you know what I mean. I always channel my Ex-High-School-English-Teacher voice when I see kids acting out in public and I can still scare them straight. I hope to hell someone takes my kid to task if he is misbehaving and I'm not around to shut it down.

  5. @Whisky Girl - thanks so much. Yes, there is a whole lot of fucktardery goin' on.

    @virgo1234 - I know, all I can do is try to raise mine right... and maybe yell at a few other people's kids along the way. lol

    @ravnos - Thank you and I agree, there is a whole lotta' stuff in the mix.

    @Mandy_Fish - I'll probably get shot someday, but yea, I'll still yell at random kids misbehaving. lol

  6. I have a social behavior sciences major, which is why absurd behavior always was the topic of my blogs. It fascinates me. I blame today's society on lack of consequences, though I don't want to go so far as to say it's lack of religion. See there have always been working moms, disappearing dads, and broken families. Always. Divorce rates at a high doesn't mean that single parent families are new. The difference is that church and the fear of God used to scare people into behaving. And while I don't believe in using fear to get people to behave, in today's world, if mom is exhausted and she's not gonna know, and not going to do anything about it, and dad is gone, and you aren't scared of going to hell, really, what reason does have to behave like a decent human being? Seriously, no one is going to tell your father when he gets home.

    I see the damnedest things when I go out. Worse, people always say the most horrible things to me. I'd rather just stay home thank you very much.

  7. If someone is attacking another person of course I would help , however I would not just jump into a gang fight and get sucker punched. People are very cowardly in how they sneak up behind others and blindside them. And it's no longer good enough to hurt someone ,they continue punching and kicking the unconscious victim. Be aware of the cowardly blindside attacker.