Monday, July 11, 2011

Give Me Employment or Give Me Baby Phat!

I'm not gonna' lie... I'm tired.  Being a functioning human being is damn tiresome!

Oh, I could just coast and be a drain on the taxpayer, but I don't suppose that's what I want for myself or my children.  But damnit, it would be a hell of a lot easier and more relaxing!  I could not work and sleep 'til noon everyday!

I got thrown a curveball again.  I need to rethink my business strategy.  Need to fine tune the career path yet again.  Ok, these things happen.  *insert whiny 5 year old voice*  But I'm tirrrrrred...  *stomps feet*

Tangent... All of a  sudden that James Brown song "It's  a Man's World" popped into my head.  It still kind of is, you know?  How is it a man can drop out of sight and not care for his children and it's just considered par for the course?  How is it a man can just snag a job and no one is concerned with whether he'll get pregnant or have kid drama?  How is it a man can readily find employment in the upper ranks, while women still have to "prove" themselves?  Ever watch that show "16 and Pregnant"?  Ninety percent of the Baby-Daddy's bail.  And that's ok?

Now I'm not man-bashing, but it's so hard to be a working single mom.  I didn't sign up for this.  Yea, yea it's my decision to make my family successful, I could just become a cretin.  But would it be so bad to be a cretin?  I could just collect public assistance and not even try to work.  It would be so easy.  I could tell my children that they couldn't go anywhere or do anything because they would be using Mama's valuable drinkin' money!  It would be all Judge shows, all the time!  Don't interrupt my shows! 

Oh then, then, then, then I could get a man who could keep me in all the Baby Phat or NASCAR clothes and shoes, I wanted!  I watched a segment on Dr. Phil last week how a woman specifically targets men to get certain bills paid.  Oh, sign me up for that job!  It's just another sales job, and I'm a hell of a closer!  I could close that deal with plenty of time in the day to go get my acrylic nails with the extra wide tips done!  ...Why would you want your manicure to look like you had a paint scraper on each finger, anyway?  I digress...

Crap, why was I born with integrity?  I could have run away.  I could have run home.  I could have just found some sucker who wanted to foot the bill for me and my kids.  But I choose to try to make a career for myself and support us.  And I make sure my kids are on a path to get in excellent colleges and have great careers and lives  ahead of them.  And I have a guy that makes me clean his house in exchange for being on his country club membership because I can't afford to chip in.  (ok, so I suggested that) Maybe I'm the sucker?  I'm missing out on all that Baby Phat... damn.


  1. I loved this post. You are a better person than the rest of the low life pieces of shit who work the system because they can.
    That shit pisses me off....

    Oh and 16 and knocked up - those little sluts are getting paid for being irresponsible. THAT pisses me the fuck off.

  2. Madge those bitches that milk the system aren't even in your class. You are an ex-wife, not just a single mom. You didn't get knocked up by some dude that never cared about you, just to get knocke up again by another. I've seen way too much of that shit in my lifetime.

  3. I'm not trying to be self-righteous or anything, I just wonder if I really am stupid sometimes. lol

  4. Nice to read your stuff again, Madge! I think it is normal to ponder these things. Some people have it easy and others do not. Integrity is the best characteristic I can think of. Glad you have it. Nice to know you are surviving all this life stuff, difficult as it can be. Karen (Pl8_ime)

  5. "Crap, why was I born with integrity?"

    It's right up there with intelligence and good taste as far as qualities that make life easier, ain't it? ;)