Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why the Hell Did I Come Home?

I don't have much to say today but I thought I'd check in.  I don't even know what day it is.  I took the redeye from Seattle Tuesday night and arrived home yesterday (Wednesday) about noon.  I got absolutely no sleep on the plane.  It's virtually impossible for me to sleep in any kind of chair.  (I don't know how my parents did that in their living room chairs all those years waiting for my drunk teen tukus)  Then I napped a bit yesterday afternoon and then of course could 't sleep last night.  I'm all kinds of f-ed up.

So I didn't write last week because I was in Seattle.  The kids and I flew out and stayed at my sister's house because her daughter was getting married.  My lovely little niece.  All 5 of my siblings were there, and all but 1 of their kids were there, and 2 spouses were missing.  Oh and my parents couldn't make it, my Dad is 89 and has arthritis so bad he can't really get around much anymore, let alone sit in an airplane seat for hours.  And my Mom who is turning 86 next month has to stay and take care of him, he can't really be left alone.  So that was sad.  However a cousin of mine that I was really close to as a kid was there, hadn't seen him in about 16 years, we had a hoot.  But all of us there had a great time, enjoyed each other's company and as usual went through a boatload of wine and beer.

So I come back to all kinds of crap I have to do to finalize health records and loans for college. Having a hell of a time with my insurance, they say I have insurance from another company, which yes I did... in 2003, but still shows it's open.  That company went out of business and no one will call to cancel.  It's just a total clusterf**k.  So my current company put me on hold, whatever the hell that means.  Guess I'll be on the phone some more!  Well F*ck-a-doodle-doo!

Oh and did I mention today was my first day back to work and they told me at my one job they are eliminating my position and won't need me after Aug. 17th?  Yea that was a nice warm and fuzzy welcome back.  I knew it was coming sometime, its just a contract position but now is not an opportune time.  And it's 20 hours a week I'll have to replace. :( 

I might as well just bend over and grab my ankles... the hits just keep coming.  I haven't been crisis free in years, but I've been in major league life changing crisis mode for about 3 months straight now and it's getting a little tiring.  But I won't imagine it will calm down until end of August when my son is settled at college.  Wait strike that, school starts in September for the girls which means 3 Fall sports (1 plays soccer, 1 plays volleyball and cheerleading), then come the holidays, so pretty much I'm screwed until after New Years Day.

Well plenty of writing fodder, right?  Jesus, Mary and Joseph, stop this handcart ride to hell so I can get off!!! 

BTW, will write for food.  Ok I'd really rather write for a paycheck but ya' know, just hire me anyway.

Will blog again shortly.  'Til then, you all have a great day... (smarmy smile)


  1. you want to stop by for a drink?

  2. I would love to but I think I'd much rather down a glass at home and go to sleep. lol Thanks dear.