Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Can't Hide Behind the Weave...

Can someone please explain to me the phenomenon of "weaves"?

Yea, I know this is highly intellectual subject matter, so brace yourself.

I just don't get it, why every young girl in the world seems to have one even when they seem to have a perfectly good head of long, luxurious hair.  Perhaps, that is just the illusion of the weave?  No, wait, I've seen the before and after pics.  I just don't get it.

I just Googled "hair weave" and found such complex terms as "remy hair", "weft hair", "single drawn", "double draw"...  what the hell does all this stuff mean?!!!!  And why is this all necessary?  Just wear your hair like the good Lord made ya'!  Or wear a wig like Zsa Zsa...

Who the hell would go through all that trouble?  I heard it takes like hours to sew in.  And who would sign up for that job?!  Standing there for hours, manually sewing hair into someone's head?  Oh, sign me up for that one!

And on a side note... talking about doing intricate things with hair... can someone with ethnic hair experience please tell me, how in the hell you  turn thick, curly, puffy  hair (I mention it, because I have the same sort of red caucasian hair) into those little tiny braids?  Again a process that takes hours.  I'd develop arthritis in the process... oh wait I already have it.

Women have everything fake these days, hair, nails, boobs, tans.  It's really disturbing to me.  I am proud to say I don't have any of the above.  Well, I do have them, but they are all natural.  (I would look kind of strange with no hair, no nails, no boobs, and no pigmentation).  But what I have is mine, and I like it.  Yes, even love it. 

Why do we all have to pretend to be something else?  Why does everyday have to be Halloween?  Do men really like all that stuff or is it just for other women?  And what is up with those gigantic fake nails that look like paint scrapers?  They look ridiculous.  Who thinks this stuff looks good?  I don't, but what do I know?

I just wish people would learn to love themselves, warts and all.  Ok, maybe not warts, but just curly frizzy hair, short nails, small boobs, and pale skin.  It's all beautiful.  What's even more beautiful is self-respect, intelligence, character, life experience, and integrity.  Those are the things that truly make you beautiful.  Cultivate those things.  Judge Judy has always had it right, "Beauty fades, dumb is forever". 

My new motto to young girls in regard to learning to love yourself - "Lose the Weave".


  1. Fake is woven into the American media. How often do you see a bald man as a news anchor or a woman anchor that does not have that platinum Barbie look. I dry heave a little when thinking about hair weaves?

  2. I dunno I love getting my nails done and I like a small amount of fake tan. I think I like it so much because what I do for a living is unglamorous and I can't wear make-up or even nail varnish so when I get the chance I pamper myself a bit. The rest of me is real though and I wouldn't get anything else done and certainly wouldn't get a weave.

  3. The high school I went to is predominantly black, so I'm used to black chicks with weaves: I don't understand white chicks with weaves.