Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cocktail waitresses can't buy happiness...

I'm not  going to bash the man.  You know the man.  The most talked about man right now...

Mr. Woods.

But I just have some thoughts...

Here is a man that has it all:  best in the world at his sport, one of the highest paid spokesman for endorsements, unGodly amounts of money, a GORGEOUS wife, 2 wonderful kids, a dog, legions of faithful family and friends...

And he still has to pound countless cocktail and family restaurant waitresses.  (BTW, I'm beginning to think that waitressing could be a very lucrative gig in more ways than one)

This proves the concept that I have always believed... happiness comes from the inside.  All those other achievements and blessings don't mean squat if you're not happy on the inside.  Obviously this guy has to keep searching for something outside himself that he thinks will make him happy or at least provide some cheap thrills.

But also, who are we to say what this guy goes through?  He's been a highly competitive athlete since he was a child, in a sport that has an enormous amount of pressure to be a proper gentleman.  I grew up around country clubs, there is a whole lot of pretense.  Anyway, he's had this squeaky clean image to uphold through many years that he should have been out riding his bike as a kid or out doing beer bongs as a young adult. (however I'm beginning to think the beer bongs were going on anyway now)   Maybe he was tired of it?  Maybe, but that's still of course no reason to do that to your wife. 

It still just makes me think that no matter how much "stuff" you have, you have to make yourself happy.  You need to be at peace with who you are.  I know money won't make me happy, but I already am happy, I'm at peace with who I am, but money would help feed my kids and that would just put my mind at ease.  I don't need to bang any cocktail waitresses... well, that would be odd anyway.  And I think being happy inside has helped me get through all the tough times I've been through, otherwise I'd be dead, on the pole, or perhaps a mistress to the likes of Mr. Woods.

I'm happy with myself, are you?


  1. Madge,
    No Woman is gonna call her man Tiger in the near future as a term of endearment. Clubbin' just took on a new meaning. Elin is cool.

  2. put the freakin "l" in blog slot over at my spazz....geez you Irish broads are stu Nod...ehh! xoxoxo

  3. I disagree. Cocktail waitresses bring happiness for at least the night you're with them. They don't bring joy though. Joy is the general lot, vo obshe as they say in Russian, "in general".

  4. Apparently I am stupid, what are you talking about anonymous person?

  5. I want some of what anonymous is drinkin'!

    Regarding Mr. Woods... I wonder if it's just the same old Elvis Syndrome- reaching self actualization (or thinking you have because you think success and stuff are the end all be all) far too early, and then not knowing what the hell to do with the rest of his life?

  6. What surprises me the most is that he has gotten away with this for so long. High profile people don't usually get away with bad behaviour without some tabloid or paparazzi busting them.

    I think you're right, Tiger has issues he needs to deal with and hopefully for him and his family, it's not too late.

  7. Loudmouth fucking twats.... Now that being said, you are right something just isn't right with Mr WOODS!

  8. Jeffrey, are you saying it's the twats fault why he got busted?

    Mona, I believe you hit part of the nail on the head.

  9. yeppers, iz is happy and I like 'em my 'stuff' quite well ;)

  10. I'll bet Tiger is sponsored by Hostess next...

  11. No it's totally his fault I just think it's odd that almost everybody kept their mouth shut until one person let it out, and now even the girl he buy's stamps from at the post office is chiming in.
    Maybe I should twitter I slept with him as well.
    Only I don't twitter.

  12. Hi Madge,
    Great blog & thanks for
    posting your info at MySpace.

  13. Ever since the Tiger Woods fiasco, "Don't You Want Me" by Human League will never be the same.

  14. Hey Madge! How you doing?

    I don't buy that stuff about the pressures on him etc because he had absolutely no need to get married, he could have stayed single and played the field quietly but no he had to get married and shit all over his wife, in public! And we should take bets on when he's going to appear on Oprah to admit he's a "sex addict".

    I dunno you'd think having quadrillions of quids would at least make you feel a bit perky, wouldn't you? I think it's because his parents called him Tiger.